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Active Schools Week

active-school-week1This week  Scoil Carmel is taking part in Active School Week to encourage and promote physical activity and exercise for children. Schools are focusing on the idea of a ’60 minutes a day ‘ challenge. This can include travelling to and from school, playtime, P.E, football, swimming, dancing, every little bit counts!  Here  is some information on how to help your children become more active.

As part of Active School Week the children can wear their tracksuits each day. There will be visiting  coaches for fun activities during the week, each class will take part in one long walk in the local area and a daily  workout for 10 minutes each morning. The children will be given ‘Active Homework’ in place of written homework to help them reach their goal of 60 minutes of exercise every day.



Ms. Carolan’s class joined Ms. Connolly’s class in the PE hall to do some fun Zumba dancing! They had great fun while keeping active!

Floating and Sinking

The children in room 11 were busy predicting, testing and recording. They were given a set of objects and had to predict which objects would float, and which objects would sink. They then tested the objects and recorded their results. There were a few spills, but lots of fun and excitement!

World Book Day

Today was World Book Day. To celebrate, the children read some books to the senior infants from Ms. Tynan’s class. Half of the class went to visit the senior infants, while the rest welcomed some senior infants upstairs. The first class children were excellent storytellers and kind helpers to their new friends! The children also participated in a whole school D.E.A.R time. (Drop Everything And Read)

Making Butter

Today we made some butter. To make butter is easy, all you need is cream. You have to shake it in a little plastic bottle, for a very long time. Then the cream turns to butter and buttermilk. You pour off the buttermilk and you are left with butter. You could use it on your sandwiches, on your toast, on a roll or to bake some cakes. Some people put it on their potatoes.  A long time ago, people churned with a big stick.


It is VERY FUN!!! You should try it!

-written by 1st class, room 11

Grandparents Day

Next Wednesday the 1st of February is Grandparents Day. As part of Catholic Schools week, all available grandparents are invited at 2.15 into our class. They are welcome to come in and play games with the children and have some fun! If any grandparent has any interesting photos, toys or objects etc. from when they were young, they are most welcome to bring them in as the children would be extremely excited to hear their stories. We look forward to meeting any grandparents who can make it!dd843bdbae2cc746945b7eeb8fc0dbec

Solar System

nasaThe children in Ms. Carolan’s class have been enjoying learning about space and our solar system. We explored the NASA Space Place site to find out more about some of the planets, moons and satellites of our solar system. The children can access the site and play some of the games by clicking on the link above.

Hundred Square Fun

The children are working very hard at Maths in Room 11. They have recently started using the ‘Hundred Square’. Here is a fun game we have played to help find the numbers on the hundred square.d6e02d479ea2cb3332904359ea5a457d


The children in room 11 were very busy experimenting with magnets. They predicted which items would be attracted to the magnets and then took turns to test the objects with their magnets. When they were finished they recorded their results. They were surprised to find that not all metal is attracted to magnets!


After experimenting with the magnets they made some cool mazes. The children had to use a magnet underneath the table to guide a metal ball through the maze.


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